About Us

Finding a better life

Rudy and Linda van Lammeren


We are Rudy, Linda and Tom van Lammeren

Since our arrival in 2010 we have been working hard to create a little French hideaway for you to enjoy.

And we are convinced that you will agree with us that a holiday at Loste is a special, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Do what you feel like... or do nothing at all

Enjoying the pool

Vacations for you

Just our family and maximum of 8 other people at any given time in 6.4 acres – plenty of space to guarantee your privacy.

We are there to support you and to see to it that your holiday is a big success.

Nature all around you

In the midst of trees and fields you’ll find the peace you are looking for. Deer, foxes, badgers, squirrels, birds of prey and many other species will cross your path.

High aerial view of Loste in Quercy
Basic pleasures toasting marshmallows

We believe in the basics

Although we provide you with satellite TV and WiFi connectivity, we urge you to put aside your electronics and take time to recharge yourself. Go out and meet new people, take in the beautiful landscape and dream away over a nice diner with fresh ingredients you bought earlier in the markets.

Our Story

There must be more to life than this

Our son was just a baby when we decided things needed to change for the simpler. We wanted him to grow up in a healthy environment and create a little paradise to share with people like you.

When we first arrived at Loste we had seen lots and lots of other houses, but Loste was somehow different. Even after a couple of hours we felt like we had arrived. As soon as we settled in, we picked up our tools and started chiseling and sculpting away, letting the building itself dictate what it needed.

The result has made us fall in love with the gîtes, and the confirmation of our guests shows that we made the right choices: respect for the heritage of France combined with modern day comforts.

We do our best to give every guest the holiday they deserve. Perhaps it is best if we let some of our guests explain how they experienced their stay so you can decide if you want to join and see for yourselves.

Gate to pool area at Loste

What our clients say...